The Guru thinks Sarah’s painful right shoulder could be a nerve issue

Sep 11th, 2015

I’ve had a persistent achy pain in my right shoulder which sometimes feels fine and sometimes is really quite sore if I try and move in certain ways.

I feel like it started when I was pulling my case in an awkward way around two years ago but was not as persistent at first and feels like it’s been worse recently, especially now I’ve started driving more regularly.

I’d love some advice on what might be wrong or what you might suggest for


The Guru asked Sarah for some more info….

Shoulder pain can be either due to something going on in your shoulder (obvs!) or something going on in your neck, giving you shoulder pain.

The location of the pain is sometimes a giveaway as is where about you feel it in a certain movement.

The intermittent-ness can also be an either, or type thing.

Can you lie on your right shoulder at night? Let me know about the location and movement questions too and I’m sure I’ll be able to guide you down the right path….

Sarah’s response:

Hi Guru,

I can lie on my right shoulder at night if my arm is extended below my pillow or kind of underneath me.

It’s kind of difficult to figure out exactly where the pain is coming from but I feel like maybe it’s from around the back of my shoulder blade?

I also get really crunchy shoulders when I roll them back (both sides) and have done for years.


Sep 11th, 2015

The Guru Responded:

Thanks Sarah


It sounds as if you’ve come down on the side of a nerve issue rather than a true shoulder problem. The crunchy shoulders, as long as it’s pain free, is a red herring.


So what’s important is controlling your head on neck posture – especially poking your chin out. Work stations are notorious for forcing this type of posture, so make sure yours is good see our video


You’ll also need to get your thoracic spine moving more to take to excessive pressure off of your neck, check out this video worldsgreateststretch


Lots can be done – start with the basics and see what gives.


Good form and posture rock and mostly deal with a myriad of differing symptoms…

The Guru

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