Too much coincidence for a dodgy hip!

Jan 09th, 2014

Margaret asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:

I have suffered in the past with a tight left hip which has been xrayed and found to be ok just needing stretching. I am aware of this when I’m doing exercise as my left hamstring is also quite tight. On Saturday my lower back (left) began to twinge when I was running and by Sunday I can just about lift my left foot without screaming out in pain. What have I done?

Jan 09th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Margaret

Great that you’re x ray was normal. This tells you a lot about the
structure, but doesn’t tell you anything about how you use it – which
is (without any incidence of injury) pretty important for knowing
what’s causing what.

Its also far to coincidental to have a hip, hamstring and back problem
all on the same side without there being a direct correlation between
them all. I’d punt for you having a back issue, which is either being
caused by a stiff hip OR the stiff hip is protecting your back….

The hamstring may be referred pain or your hammy is protecting the
sciatic nerve which runs down your leg. All very chicken and egg. But
as long as you roast the chicken and scramble the egg, you’ll still
get fed!

You really need someone to have a good look at your back and then work
out what’s causing what. Treat that bit, not just where your symptoms
come from……

Hope this helps

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