Upper mid back pain

Jul 20th, 2020

Hi there, very informative website. I’m a barber and on my feet all day. Since going back to work after lockdown I’ve developed a very sore upper middle of my back always on the right hand side.

It starts as a heat sensation then a really bad dull ache.

Many thanks. Mark

Jul 20th, 2020

The Guru Responded:

Hi Mark – sounds very related to your neck posture due to the muscle around your head/neck/shoulders getting naturally weaker during lockdown as you’re not using them, for a long time on a daily basis.


You can help this by getting your thoracic spine more mobile (try this right now!)

Then slowly start to bring up your shoulder stability and strength

Don’t forget really simple at work like shoulder shrugs, shoulder rolls thoracic twists.

The Guru

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