Tennis elbow

Sep 04th, 2018

Hi there


I just wanted to ask your opinion, so I went to visit a sports physiotherapist, he tells me the issue, connects me up with 4 suction cups to a large tens unit for 15 minutes, goes off to the next room to see his other patient, comes back in when finished, does 5 minutes of electro therapy and that’s it £35 cash, tells me it will take 6 sessions or more see you next week.


Does this sound right? No hands on or anything like that?


I mean I can buy a tens machine myself to stimulate blood flow? I don’t know just didn’t seem right to me.

Sep 04th, 2018

The Guru Responded:

Oh dear.


That’s all so wrong….


Your Physio is doing you (and me!) a huge disservice.


Find someone better, ask what’s the cause and what rehab do you need to be shown to help yourself….

The Guru

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