Acute Achilles tendiniopathy

Jul 17th, 2017

Mate of mine has acute Achilles tendiniopathy and walking Kilimanjaro in 2 months.

Pls can you let me know what she should do so that she is ready and raring to go!

She’s fit but a 50 yr old

Any top tips!

Jul 17th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Depends what type – ie how long they’ve had it for and did they do anything to cause it?

Footwear (boots) maybe critical especially in relation to foot posture.

If it’s acute and came on by doing something then pills, rest, ktape, heel raise to get over the pain then standing on a 1 legged tip toe and holding for 30″ x 10 daily.

If it’s more niggely and came on out of nowhere and is older then lots of calf release, balance work, gluts squats and lunges, bridging and eccentric loading with a bent knee more so than a straight knee ie if it’s a right Achilles issue then go onto tip top on the left leg, take all the weight onto the right tip toe and slowly lower to the ground. X20 taking 10 seconds. Also sitting down on a chair, get someone to sit on their right thigh and do some calf raises on the right.

Absolutely no stretching for both.

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