Broken Calcaneus

Nov 25th, 2022

Hello, my 20 year old son broke his calcaneus in August. Had it pinned. Has been non weight bearing until recently. He’s still in a boot and just starting to weight bear but still on crutches. No NHS physio.

Is this something you could help with?

Nov 25th, 2022

The Guru Responded:

Hi Fiona – absolutely.

To help encourage decent bone growth he needs to start loading his leg – not too much or too little but just right. Pain is a pretty good indicator, and with a pin in his heel he’s got a solid foot.

But, yomping around on crutches for a few months will make his leg weak and that weakness may mean he loads his foot poorly, which doesn’t help the bone reach its peak strength in the right time frames…this is where we can help.

Pilates is good, rehab is excellent and some manual therapy to get his ankle moving is now needed.

Which clinic is nearest to you/him?

The Guru

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