Foot pain from running

Oct 28th, 2019


The side of my right foot and the bottom of it started hurting yesterday about 8 hours after a 7km run. My hips are also quite tight.


Walking is now painful. What can I do?



Oct 28th, 2019

The Guru Responded:

Hi Susie


I think this sounds like an issue with a perineal tendon where it attached to a toe bone on the outside of you foot, and it usually happens because your foot is forced to become over mobile, and less controlled because your hips don’t have adequate mobility.


What you can do got the next 48 hours is take over the counter ibuprofen (if you can), ice and relative rests – to allow your symptoms to settle. The  you need to improve your hip mobility – low crawls or slow mountain climbers are great for your hips and then work on your balance and gluteal strength – split squats, single leg dead lifts.


Run next weekend but  try to run 30″ quieter for every 2/3′ of running. Increase your cadence (smaller steps, but not any slower) and use your arms.


See what gives.


PS high heels should help initially!


The Guru

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