Graham has bunions so asks the Guru about treatment options, but there aren’t many!

Aug 06th, 2015

I have bunions and lost flexibility in my big/great toes. Do you have any treatment options that aim to treat this?

Aug 06th, 2015

The Guru Responded:

Hi Graham


Are they painful? Have you got issues elsewhere? If not then leave them alone – they’re not hurting anybody!


You’ve got bunions and eventual loss of mobility either due to genes (tough luck) or excessive mobility elsewhere.


Then perhaps, maybe try a pair of off the shelf orthotics, if and only if you’ve got issues.


Trying to wiggle your toes or get your toes mobilised by a Physio will only have (if any) short term improvement in what ever you want to measure.


Keep in some decent shoes and keep going.


Short answer is not really!


….if you’ve got pain and issues elsewhere then it’s a slightly different conversation!


The Guru


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