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It’s all about Andy’s Shin… but the Guru needs more information

Apr 29th, 2015

Hi Guru,

Cant shift the pain in my shin, been 5 weeks now!!

Played football up to two weeks ago and had 2 weeks complete rest bar swimming…reckon this could be
anything more serious?

Pain goes completely with anti inflammotories…..

The Guru needs more info:


  • Is it shin bone pain or muscle pain?
  • Is it site when poked or when you move your ankle?
  • Is it sore at night or first thing in the morning when you take weight on to it?
  • Are you doing anything else eg hill running?

…..and answers please!

Andy responds:

Bone pain, when I poke it.
Same pain most of the time (only a 1 or 2 out of 10 when walking)
Stopped running completely as I am making it worse!

X ray was clear….

Apr 29th, 2015

The Guru Responded:

Thanks Andy


I think it sounds like a bone stress reaction – the surface of your tibia (shin) is swelling slightly due to the repetitive load being put through it – that’s why the anti inflames help.


Bone reactions can take a notoriously long time to settle – think 4/6 weeks.


If you don’t give them enough rest they can progress to stress fractures, but I don’t think you’re anywhere near there yet.


More rest time please!


Regarding X-ray:

X-ray can’t detect subtle change at the bone surface.


MRI may show some bruising/swelling in the marrow and not possibly the surface.


A nuclear bone scan would probably show some local hot spots indicating the stress reaction.


All good.
The Guru

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