Jack has ankle pain following an old injury & arthroscopy

Dec 07th, 2015

I had an ankle arthroscopy almost 10 years ago to repair damaged cartilage on
the inside of the joint. I have suffered no major issues with it since, but
recently started to feel discomfort in the area again. I am a keen runner but
haven’t suffered any sort of sprain or other injury that might have
exacerbated it. The pain isn’t constant, but tends to flare up when I’m

Do you have any thoughts or advice?

Dec 07th, 2015

The Guru Responded:

Hi Jack


Aaaah 10 years ago…how things have changed, both with data driven outcomes and just being 10 years older!


It’s fair to say that today most OS are more respectful when it comes to messing with cartilage in/on a major weight bearing joint. When your cartilage has gone, it’s gone and it was there in the first instance to provide protection to the boney surfaces above and below the joint.


20 years ago it was whip it all out and today it’s do whatever you can to keep it in – you’re kind of in the middle, but your most likely pain source is bone. Bone rubbing on bone produces a stress like reaction – a bone bruise. The more you load it, like any bruise, then more symptoms you’ll get. So simple advice is manage the load you put through it.


Pretty tricky when walking is a daily activity. So you need to deal with the load that’s put through your ankle more appropriately – this may be as simple as wearing an off the shelf orthotic, doing some stability/strength based rehab or having the right footwear to walk and run in.


Either way I think it’d be well worth your while/sanity/ankle to get this assessed by somebody who knows their ankles from their wrists – it shouldn’t be too tricky, but the time scales are essential, so don’t expect overnight results. Give your bone a chance!!


Good Luck


The Guru

Six Physio

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