Leg pain after football

Sep 30th, 2018


I am 34 years old and have just got back into playing football every Monday after approx 16 years.


Every time if I finish my legs end up in severe pain, pretty much every muscle from the groin down. The pains I get are still present the following Monday I play, I’m in constant pain for the last 3 months since doing this.


Any advice as to what treatment I would need would be great full.

Many thanks

Sep 30th, 2018

The Guru Responded:

Hi Chris

Are you doing anything else apart from just playing footie once a week?


Gym, run, swim etc etc.

The Guru


Chris gets straight back with more information:

Thanks for the speedy response, no unfortunately due to my work and looking after the kids I have no time to do anything else. Could that be a problem?


The Guru responds:

Yes – that’s the issue.


Our bodies ultimately hate doing nothing all week and then really going for it once a week.Your body simply can’t cope with the rapid and unexpected load – and if you keep doing it there’s a good chance it’ll lead to injury which’ll stop you from further damage.


So your options are to for not as long at less intensity (not much fun) or carve out 20 mins once or possibly twice a week and do a HIIT session at home.


Stick the kids in bed/homework and you get sweaty in the kitchen/lounge – have a look at The Body Coach on YouTube.


It’ll be the perfect antidote for your aches and pains after footie.


The Guru

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