Natalia asks the Guru for advice about both her ankles and achilles

Sep 17th, 2015

Referred a friend and my son to Six in Leadenhall, Neil Rocks and Rachel is

awesome I need help now!

Just started playing netball again after 22 years  and worried about my


My left ankle has pins and plates from an injury years over 15 years  ago.

Its  tender down my Achillies and very stiff and aches after play.

My right ankle and mid foot is very tender and painful after someone landed

on it 5 days ago. Had x-ray no breaks but hurts and I limp and hop walking

downstairs is a nightmare. Tender down the Achillies also.

Before playing do i strap / spray them? What with? – I’m at a desk in the day

what exercises can I do.

If anyone says Netball is a ‘ no contact’ sport they lie!




Sep 17th, 2015

The Guru Responded:

Thanks Natalia


Go for an easy life – make sure you’ve got the correct shoe for the right foot type. Have you ever tried a simple off the shelf orthotic? With a history like yours it would be worth a try…


What about calf strength and glut control – has anyone ever mentioned any of this?


Just bashing on a playing netball will only get your more frustrated.


Keep it very simple!


The Guru


Natalia replies:

Thank you Guru for the very clear advice. I will check out the ‘orthotic’ and get going on the calf and glut exercises.


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