Outer ankle issue

Oct 17th, 2018



I took part in a tough mudder a couple of weeks ago and about 48 hours later I noticed the outer side of my right ankle feeling a weak and sore. I’m a very regular exerciser so have wanted to keep up training but I’ve steered clear of running and stuck with lower impact spin classes for a couple of weeks.


Although my ankle no longer hurts, it still feels quite weak and sensitive. I don’t feel any issue at all with it whilst spinning, but notice it walking around. Does this sound like something I need to be concerned about and seek treatment or will it likely recover on its own if I stick to low impact exercise?


Many thanks!


Oct 17th, 2018

The Guru Responded:

Hi Kirsty


80% of ankles recover from a simple sprain within a 6 week period – you’re well within this.


What you’re lacking is balance, control and strength – which are all very teachable, have a look here at this ankle video


Good Luck – give it 10 days or so and then go for a short recovery run.


The Guru

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