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Patellae tendonisis

Oct 01st, 2018


I believe I have patellae tendonisis (similar to tendonitis). I need help to understand what type of activities I should do to get it to heal, and to avoid this from happening again (strengthening exercises).


I have also managed to twist both wrist and ankle and want to understand how to best wrap them. Not sprained as can still use.


Am hoping to book an hour to an hour and a half to get this all done at once.


Hoping to see a specialist for the knee/tendon and someone with a basic understanding of how to wrap wrist/ankle.


Many thanks

Oct 01st, 2018

The Guru Responded:

Hi Rurh

I’m sure you mean tendinosis, which is not like tendinitis (no inflammatory matrix) but is often confused as!


This is a chronic, long term condition and so don’t expect to see dramatic changes within the next few weeks – and if you do, its coincidental and not part of your long term healing plan.


You need to allow your tendon to deal with load, and so your rehab needs to be progressive in loading your knees up. There are plenty of over-the-counter quick fix exercises, but I don’t think in your case it’s entirely appropriate, especially as you’ve got bilateral symptoms – and with your history of dodgy wrists and ankles it might be a good idea for someone to give you a full body assessment especially looking for a systemic/rheumatological issue.


Let me know if you need the name of a decent specialist.


The Guru

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