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Persistent calf injury

Feb 21st, 2019


I have recently suffered a calf injury and it doesn’t seem to be improving.


Unsure of the problem so unsure how best to let it recover.





Hi George – how did you injure your calf?

What have you been doing since you injured it – and how long ago was it?


Do you have any bruising?


Let me know,

The Guru


George Replies…

Running a 5k, at 90% pace approx 4.5k in.


The injury was 2 and half weeks ago. I have been cycling and swimming since without much trouble. Tried to run 2-3 times but only managed a few hundred metres before pulling up. I didn’t notice any bruising at the time.

Feb 21st, 2019

The Guru Responded:

Thanks George


Far too much far too soon.


You’ve allow some good rest time but you haven’t replaced it with any strength or stretch work – which you need to do after a calf injury, such as yours as it’s due to an intrinsic weakness with your muscle.


You need to slowly progress single leg calf raises, both with a bent and straight knee. Start with 10×3. If single is too painful (no more than discomfort when doing it) then start with double leg heel raises.


After that give a gentle calf stretch with a bent and straight knee for 30-40 seconds but not at the very end of  range.


Give it a few days then start to add some jumping for 30 seconds x 3 a few times a day then onto hopping.


Eventually getting back to recovery running – 1 min run, 1 min walk.


This is a super vague set of values and you’ll have to play it by ear – so if it hurts during or after you’ve done too much and will need to knock the reps down.


The Guru

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