Physio for 12yr old

Nov 06th, 2019

My daughter will likely be having surgery on 28/11 to remedy a left foot calcaneo-navicular coalition.


We live in Sevenoaks but surgeon and surgery is in London (Fortius Clinic/Cromwell Hospital). Not opposed to coming in to London (pref near London Bridge or Waterloo Station) for therapy one day a week following the surgery, with supplemental therapy out here in Kent another day of the week (or as often as needed).


She is 12 years old. Do you have a foot specialist who works with kids and teen athletes?


Thank you!

Nov 06th, 2019

The Guru Responded:

Hi Katherine – Fortius is a great place to start, and I’m sure your daughters op will be hugely successful.


I think I’d recommend her going to see either Eddie Smith who runs the clinic in Monument (just across the bridge from LB station) as he’s got great experience in dealing with a teen sporting population, or heading to Parson Green (a bit of schlep, but nearer the Cromwell) to see Helen Wood who heads up our young persons unit.


From a practical point of view, I’d suggest seeing Eddie initially and if there are any issues that don’t make good, regular clinical sense he can then either call her in or seek further advice, but tarsal coalitions are normally very straight forwards and do really well post op.


Hope all goes well and looking forwards to the other side.


The Guru

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