Possible broken toe

Jul 28th, 2018

I got a nasty stamp playing footie and some of my toes are swollen and Bruised and very sore.


I’m wondering what I can do? I don’t want to go to a and e and waste everyone’s time if it isn’t serious. I broke my toe once before and my nurse strapped it to the next toe and healed well within a few weeks.


Is there any way you can help?



Jul 28th, 2018

The Guru Responded:

Hi Joe – Yes, sounds about right.


The swelling is a little high and might well due to something (no necessarily a fracture) with the bones in your foot.


Stamping will always cause a bruise – have a poke of the bones and see if anything is really tender on direct prodding and the after resting for the weekend have a go on Monday AM.


If there’s a noticeable difference, you haven’t broken anything and if it’s the sameish do head to A & E or an xray, but the treatment will be about the same.


Foot up for the next day or so, minimise your walking, pills (if you can) and ice….


IF it’s the same toes as before then there’s a greater chance of a fracture…


Fingers (and toes!) crossed

The Guru


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