Repeated calf tears?

Sep 23rd, 2019

Just don’t know what to do or where to start. Cycling is no issue, walking no issue (even very long distance) running… an issue. After about 20-30 minutes my calves just tear.


I think I can get my insurance to pay for a few sessions.


Is there any hope?

Sep 23rd, 2019

The Guru Responded:

Hi James


Yes there totally is.


The difference between those activities is strength – and that’s what you’re missing.


Have a go and see how many single calf raises you can do with a straight and then a bent knee – you should be able to do 30+


Come and see us and we’ll show you how, you won’t need bags of sessions. You need rehab and the self discipline to crack on yourself – and also let you understand when a tear is not a tear!


The Guru

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