Rhian has recurring peroneal tendonitis

Oct 25th, 2016


I suffered from peroneal tendonitis for three months last year, and after seemingly overcoming this unpleasant injury (I didn’t run and cross-trained with some massage treatment and did strength work) it has returned. The pain came on suddenly at the end of a run last week and despite not running on it since, it has got steadily more painful and sore just below ankle bone, along the side of the leg and foot. A kind of stinging, throbbing pain.

I usually cycle to work (10 miles each way) but think running is the more likely cause. Cycling is the easiest way for me to commute as otherwise even with transport I have to walk several miles!

What do you advise? I really don’t want this painful injury to return again as I’m hoping to complete London M in April and it really restricts my general mobility.

Thanks, Rhian

Oct 25th, 2016

The Guru Responded:

Hi Rhian


It sounds as if someone has treated your symptoms, but hasn’t given any attention to the cause of your symptoms.


It’s fair to say that feeling better isn’t the same as getting better, and you need to get better.


There are plenty of causes from foot posture, shoe wear, training effect, gluteal function/control, spinal posture and tissue resilience.


You need to plonk yourself in front of someone who can identify why, tell you what you need to do and then get on with it!


You’ve got plenty of time to train smart for next years VLM, but know why you’ve got the issue, not just what it is.



The Guru

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