Rolled my ankle

Feb 28th, 2019

Hi I rolled my ankle 3 weeks ago playing rugby. after seeing the physio he referred me for a MRI scan which came back with grade 3 tears of my CFL AND ATFL?? He has suggested a referral to a specialist for a decision on surgery but will I need an operation i’m very worried.


What can I be doing now as he has stopped me playing?


Many thanks,


Kind Regards,



Feb 28th, 2019

The Guru Responded:

Hi Matthew


Sounds very familiar!


Unless you’ve got a total rupture(s) (which it appears you’ve haven’t) and have got any pieces of bone floating around then I’d advise against any sort of surgery.


You need to be weaned out of your Aircast (hopefully you’ve been wearing one) and started on some really decent, progressive ankle and entire lower limb rehab. Strength, proprioception and control biased.


Don’t even think about going for a run for probably another few weeks – braced or not. You can do too much too soon and your ankle won’t enjoy it.


You should on the bike, ergo, cross trainer and in the pool (yawn!). You should have a decent lower and upper limb program to crack on with.


Certainly shouldn’t be all doom and gloom but probably let this season go…you’ve got everything to loose by going back too soon for only a few weeks.


The Guru

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