Ruptured achilles

Oct 12th, 2018

I am 1 week into a ruptured achilles and appreciate physio is a good few weeks off, but would be interested to know if you have any practitioners with a good track record treating a healing achilles.


I am a non operative case as well. Also, any tips regarding activity with a leg in a cast would also be appreciated.


Thanks in advance

Oct 12th, 2018

The Guru Responded:

HI Ian


Sounds like you’ve made the right decision – whether to operate or not on ruptured achilles is currently a hot topic, and as long as you are in a cast (and not just an Aircast with wedges) you right at the top of the curve.


We have a really decent scattering of rehab Physios across all the clinics, and if you let me know which one you’ll go to I can then point you in the right direction.


You do need to be doing some lower limb rehab too – especially keeping strength around your hips, pelvis and thigh. Lots can be done on a Pilates reformer or with a ball or mat.


Let the achilles knit – keep the rest of you body strong.


The Guru


Dear Guru, many thanks for your reply.


I am in a cast, toes down, I guess i will be in an air boot further down the line

It was the consultants decision not to operate as the 6mm gap in the tendons, join up when in the Equinus position

I am based in Lombard street EC3 so am quite close to quite a few of your locations, so will take your guidance on the most suitable practitioner.


Any lower limb exercises I could do in the meantime from home now would be quite helpful?


I see my consultant in 10 days so will find out a bit more then,


Kind regards




Hi Ian


1 – yes, that right. The initial first few weeks are vital to bridge the gap and allow the new tissue to gain tensile strength.


2 – good OS!


3 – I think I’d recommend Eddie Smith He’s based in Monument and about to take over the helm. He’s hugely accomplished and would be your perfect rehab partner.



The Guru

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