Stuart asked the Guru about his Parkour Ankle Injury

May 08th, 2014

To The Guru,

I injured my ankle on the 10.04.2014 whilst doing Parkour. I jumped down and forward trying to land on a step. I slipped down on the landing and twisted my ankle. I heard a cracking noise but was able to put some weight on it. After three days of cooling, resting, compression and elevation I went to the A & E to get it checked. After the movement exam I was reassured that it was just a sprain. Now almost a month later after plenty of rest and light strengthening exercises I have no trouble walking and can do some very light running for a short amount of time. However, I can still not jump properly or sprint.

Is that normal? Is it possible for a sprain to take such a long recovery time?

Is it worth still getting an MRT/ MRI? What is the best place to go to?

Thank you

May 08th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Stuart

All depends really but given that some of the Parkour stuff is pretty full on, I think you’re not doing too bad.

As long as there wasn’t massive amounts of bruising which went mad colours (indicative of major ligamentous issues) then your online.

However you really need to go to town on balance work, calf strength (both straight knee and bent knee stuff) and make sure you can control your gluteal activation – things like single knee squats with great control – feet point forwards, knee doesn’t roll in and hip doesn’t drop.

Maybe try going to your local pool and practice jumping in and landing in varying depths of water to increase the load and the amount of control you need to call up.

I’d take a punt you need to work on these things – they’re very normal.

You can get an MRI but I don’t think it’s indicated yet.

If you’re not kicking goals in the next 2-3 weeks it might be worth finding someone who can help.

The Guru
Six Physio

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