The Guru’s wisdom: After a broken ankle you will suffer from a stiff ankle joint, poor muscle strength and abysmal balance

Sep 02nd, 2014

Gary asks the Guru about how to get fit after a lateral Weber fibia break

I broke my ankle bone lateral Webber fibia on a dry ski carpet slope and just came out of cast after 5 weeks now for 4 weeks wearing a air support boot and choosing sports physio to get back to full fitness . I am a Tennis player by sport, can you tell me what they will do in way of treatment to full fitness .

Sep 02nd, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Gary

It sounds as if this is a Cat A Weber and so is relatively stable.

I can’t really tell you what type of Physio you’ll get elsewhere as there is such a huge differed between Physio to Physio – their own thoughts, beliefs and previous experiences.

You’ll have a really stiff ankle joint, poor muscle strength and abysmal balance. All of these will need to worked on. They should also look north too and address pelvic stability, strength and endurance. Your busy ankle is at the end of your leg and so all of it will need rehabbing.

There should be little if any pain. A word if warning coming out of plaster and an Aircast is that your foot will be really soft – don’t do too much loading/walking too soon in the wrong type of footwear or it may lead to issues elsewhere like your plantar fascia getting miffed off.

You’ll need to have some specific sport stuff added in, especially lateral and twisting power motions. But that’s down the line. Getting in a pool is a great place to start.

Avoid electrotherapy machines like the plague, get it up and use ice for the swelling.

As long as the fracture is radiologically stable, be sensible about what you’re doing and what you’re feeling and you should have no issues.

Don’t forget balance and strength are key on a mobile ankle….

Good luck.

The Guru
Six Physio

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