Tight calves & Shin splints

Sep 16th, 2018

I have always had tight calves and have been on the verge of shin splints from this.


I ran the Adidas 10k today and one of my shins is so tight and won’t roll out with a foam roller. I also have a tight quad from a previous injury.


I am running a half marathon in 4 weeks do I need a sports massage/ physio?


Sep 16th, 2018

The Guru Responded:

Hi Hester

I think I’d go for Physio first as you need to understand why you’re getting these issues.


I possibly think that you don’t actually have tight calves, despite feeling like they are – and stretching/rollering won’t achieve anything.


You’ve most likely got really weak calves (and possibly glutes too) and you need to get them stronger.


When they feel less stiff see if you can do 30 single calf raises with a straight and then bent knee.


If you can’t then you need to get stronger.


A Physio should be able to identify this and give you the right rehab to get you going.


The Guru

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