Pain between knuckles

Jun 12th, 2017

Good morning,

I have started with some pain/discomfort in my right hand between my 2nd and 3rd knuckle when pulling or pushing, grabbing door handles to open or picking anything up etc.

It also hurts a little when bending my middle finger to my palm. There is some visible swelling and it is tender if you press on the area.

It started late last week after I moved house, which involved a lot of heavy lifting and DIY.

Can you offer any advice or treatment I should look to do? Also, how long it may take to heal?

Many thanks, Kiel

The Guru passed this on…

I’ll punt this towards my residing hand guru Lindsay for some great advice.

Jun 12th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Good Morning Kiel,


Hope you enjoyed the sun over the weekend!


Just reading between the lines a little I assume the pain is on the palm side of the hand between the bottom of the index and middle fingers?


If that is the case then;


First off, the good news, this sounds like a relatively simple tendon strain possibly with some resulting inflammation of the surrounding tissue causing the swelling, likely caused by the heavy lifting you did over the weekend. This should settle on its own accord if you let it, but may take several weeks to do so.


As far as management goes, keep your fingers and hands moving gently (your usual day to day) and avoid heavy gripping for the next couple of weeks as able and consider taking simple pain relieve to help ease the swelling and discomfort.


If it does not begin to settle down over the coming week then it would be worth having a proper look at it to give you an accurate diagnosis and management plan.





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