Diane has headaches daily

Apr 19th, 2017

Hi i have been having severe everyday headaches for about a yr, since banging my head on friends car! I also cant sleep.

I have a number of illnesses. Fibromalgia being 1 of them! Feeling nausea, loss of appetite, runny stools, breathless, neck pain. Really feeling like utter poo. My b12 has been low doctor as just put me on b12 tabs.

Apr 19th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Diane

Sounds like you need a decent diagnosis not just a catch all, iffy one of FM.

You’ve had a bump, it hasn’t resolved, you feel pretty grotty and now you have been lumped with a trophy!!

Here’s some really simple advice.

First up – don’t expect to see any difference in your symptoms for at least the next 3 weeks. Not a bean. Zip. Nada.

Secondly start to exercise – just start by going for a walk – 20 minutes, twice a day. Put on some trainers, get out of puff and walk. Every day.

After 7-10 days start to do some whole body movements, stretching and jumping, skipping, hopping stuff. Not much try bursts of 30 seconds for 5 or 6 reps.

Stay off excessive boozing, drink more water, sleep well and feel refreshed in the morning – so don’t go to bed too late or wake too late.

Try to limit your slouching – especially in front of the TV, computer, phone. Stand tall and walk proud. And try the Worlds Best Stretch every day. Move better.

Smile lots and know you’re on the path to recovery.

The Guru

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