Headaches and skull pain are very common

Mar 20th, 2017

Hi, been having a kinked neck over the past week, with headache at base of
skull, over the past month or so as I tilt my head forward on some occasions
I get like an electric shock that runs up both sides of my neck to the base
of skull, quite scarey, had had dull ache headaches for a while, not sure if
I slept crooked or not, have change my pillow 3 times thinking it was that,
to no avail.
Any ideas, looking into getting some Physio,
Regards Karen

Mar 20th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Karen
There’s lots of advice on these pages about this – and skull pain.

Right – here goes….
Occipital (base of skull pain) without any obvious trauma is always a case of the straw that breaks the camels back. You’ve been edging towards his for a while and your pillow combo has nudged you over the edge in the pain zone.

So, so you need to change the why – and the what’s (headaches) will follow.

You need to get more movement in your thoracic spine. Starting right here https://www.sixphysio.com/video/back-pain and lots of thoracic mobility exercises. This needs to be carried over during your working day too – chest up, stand tall and work smart

Don’t be tempted into stretching your neck – whilst it may well make your headache feel better, it’ll also make them much worse later.

Go see a physio – steer them away from your neck and skull but get them to give you the ability to move better through your stiff thoracic spine and be shown how to control your wobbly head on neck posture…

The Guru

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