Chris has a TFL issue from running or can be called literal hip syndrome

Sep 07th, 2015

When running over 5k I start to develop pain on the top on my left hip…. The pain sometimes extends to the outside of my Knee.

When in relaxing with sitting or sleeping occasionally I cannot sleep on my left side.

The symptoms starting to increase



Sep 07th, 2015

The Guru Responded:

Hi Chris


Sounds as if you’ve got an issue with your TFL snapping over a bit of tissue in your hip – commonly known as as trochanteric bursitis. There are a few other things that lurk in this area too like issues with tendons that attached your gluts to the bone – it’s trendily being called literal hip syndrome, as there are a few things going on.


Key things are know why you’re getting it – and commonly its due to either over striding when running, not having enough hip extension when running or running with your feet too close together.


Seems to respond well to getting better control, endurance and latterly strength in your glut med. It doesn’t happen over night but by following a good program, and a fair wind you’ll be feeling much more chipper in a few weeks from  now…



The Guru

Six Physio

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