Congenital hip malformation

Jan 10th, 2014

Steve asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:


i was diagnosed last year with a congenital hip malformation and had a hip replacement last October. Since then I have had severe pain from my adductor tendon and also bursitis in the hip bursa limiting my walking to a few hunderd yards.

I have had three sessions of dry needling and steroids in both th eadductor and bursa, but nothing so far has worked. Its now been suggested that a course of sporsts physio will help to get the muscles and tendons back to where they should now be.

Very much welcome your advise.

Jan 10th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Steve

Unfortunately a very, very common issue which is really badly looked after. Here’s why. You’ve adapted very well to your hip structure and all advice and direction is towards your hip.

However, over the years you have taught yourself to adapt to what you hip demands of you, mainly through your back. It’s why you feel symptoms all over the shop, have them treated – but remain pretty much the same. The function of what you’ve got is more important to what you’ve got.

Unless you have your back looked at and most likely stabilised through good rehab, I think your symptoms hang around as the cause still remains at large…

A sports physio may well be able to help, but unless you have a stable platform to work from (your back) the muscles and tendons will all remain the same.

Don’t expect overnight success, but as long as you are given the ability to move better, you will with less pain.

Hope this makes sense.

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