Hip pain at front of hip

Aug 09th, 2017

Help!  Over the past six weeks I have had Hip Pain at the front of my hip.  Really painful can’t really lift my right leg and its there whatever I do; it hurts to walk move my leg, hurts when standing less so when sitting etc etc

It’s bizarre I’ve had problems with my back and neck but never this.

Any advice would be extremely gratefully received.  Thank you very much

Aug 09th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Charlotte

I’m sure this is connected to your issues with your lower back – it’s just another symptom of an ongoing (yet resolved) cause.

I think your feeling “stiff”, protective muscle tension at the front of your hip (hence made easier when sitting) because you’ve irritated your hip because and increased its joint play (not joint motion) because you’ve lost control of your gluts due to your back issue.

He’s a really quick test to see if this is right.

Stand on your left leg and do a single knee squat in front of a mirror and see how much wobble and extra things you have to do to do a small squat. Now repeat on the right. If you need to work harder on the right to keep control and wobble less then it may be an indication that this is related to your back.

Have you tried doing any type of back rehab (that you may have done before) to see if this alters your hip pain?

The Guru

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