Hip pain

Mar 20th, 2019

GP thought my pain is caused by arthritis. he did not examine me. My X ray showed that my hip is normal. No damage. But going up stairs is painful.


One of you Physios helped me in 2012 with an injury, could you help with this?


When is the first available appointment after Monday 25th and what are your fees now?




Mar 20th, 2019

The Guru Responded:

Hi Angela


That’s right – it looks like you saw Gary in Parsons Green in 2012 complaining of left sided buttock pain.


He’s now up in Birmingham running his own clinic but PG is now run by Luke his fees as a consultant Physio are £128 for the initial hour.


If you’d like to see someone else (also great but without the years of experience) then the initial hour is £102.


Don’t worry that your GP says it’s arthritis – it’s very normal, part of the ageing process and doesn’t always mean that it caused pain – I’m sure your GP is just trying to reassure you.


From looking at your history I think you may have more of an issue with your back, referring pain into your hip.


I’m sure with some hands on work and a home exercise program you’ll be back on track in no time.


We’ve got space in the diaries from the 25th on.


Let me know what works best and I’ll get Georgina (front of house) to give you a call to arrange.


The Guru

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