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Rehab following THR

Apr 02nd, 2019



I came to Six Physio a while back for sciatica issues and was treated by Erin who has now moved on. I really liked the treatment and approach as over the years I have had some pretty strange diagnosis from physios so wanted to see someone i trusted.


Would there be a physio at Monument that could help me on this treatment, I need somewhere close to work. Currently i am doing two hydro sessions but will move to land based physio in a couple of weeks.


Many Thanks Fiona

Apr 02nd, 2019

The Guru Responded:

Hi Fiona


Looks like you finished seeing Erin last February and was very rehab biased.


I think I’d recommend you go and see Amy at Monument – they’d be pretty similar approach and she’s great at Pilates too.


I’ve CC’d her in so you can ask her any questions.

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