Wahid asks the Guru about his twisted pelvis

Sep 01st, 2015


My right side of my pelvis is twisted to the left and the left side is

pushed back because of this. I feel like this could be affecting the

right side of my body as my right shoulder is slightly higher then my

left and I get pain in my back around the right shoulder blade.


I find it easy twisting/turning to the left but when I turn to the

right there is resistance. When I look down at my hips the right hand

side sticks out compared to the left. When I exercise at the gym a

friend has told me that I twist to the left when doing squats.


I hope to hear from you soon




Sep 01st, 2015

The Guru Responded:

Dear Wahid


Thanks for getting in touch – not sure what advice you want?


If you’ve got a “twisted pelvis” then regardless of any type of non invasive intervention you are still going to be left with a “twisted pelvis”!


As long as it’s not painful – crack on, keep at the gym and have fun…


The Guru

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