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Avascular necrosis in both knees

Apr 03rd, 2014

Lauren asked the Guru for the following physiotherpay advice:

So Im a three year cancer survivor dealing with avascular necrosis in both knees (nothing in the hip) as direct result form all the steroids they had me on during treatment. I’ve been told about “spontaneous recover and am kind of working my way towards that, But I love to run, its killing me that I cant get out there and so my miles because of my knees, I also work in a high stress / high impact environment. I used to run 5k’s and just around the neighborhood to unwind. I’ve already lost so much, do you think its possible for me to run again?

Apr 03rd, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Lauren

It’s super that you’re on the mend.

The AVN can be anywhere but commonly in the weight bearing bits of your tibia and femur – this can be pain producing due to loading pressure when running. Knee pain can also be due to the way how your knee cap tracks in front of your femur – and this is really common, and very easily treatable.

So I guess what’s key is knowing where the pain comes from. If the docs say running is OK then I’d try to walk for a minute then run for a minute and repeat x5 – then do nothing for 3 days, then repeat. Slowly building up control, load and endurance.

I think I’d try taping your knee cap (just 1) and then getting you to run for 5 minutes and see how it feels to the other – this will tell you straight way what is possibly causing it, and more importantly why.

….really sorry for the delay

The Guru
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