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Becky has a myriad of symptoms from running

Jul 22nd, 2016

Hi Guru,

I’ve had hamstring soreness and discomfort in my left leg for two years and
have seen a handful of physios over the last year with limited success. I am
a keen runner and despite the soreness was able to complete my third marathon
this April.

The symptoms in my leg are tricky as they change and also change position
quite often – I have experienced a full range of discomfort including
tightness and stiffness at the back of the knee, soreness similar to bruising
on the inner knee, sore patches higher up the hamstring as well as along the
inner thigh. I can also experience some tingling/nerve sensations. Some days
are worse than others but it’s never completely absent.

The diagnosis I’ve received is sciatica combined with weak glutes and core. I
have diligently worked on this for the last 10 or so months and although I
feel stronger in both these areas the problem hasn’t gone.

I am able to run and workout a few times a week but am not nearly as active
as I’d like. Often walking causes the most discomfort.

Hope you can help!



Jul 22nd, 2016

The Guru Responded:

Hi Becky


The longer you have symptoms the more diffuse they become and the source of pain becomes less important as more and more structures either become involved, or appear to.


There’s a word which is bandied around called central sensitisation which allows your brain – and its firing nerve connections to become at fault.


What you think is normal is actually felt as pain and discomfort so you don’t do it.


So, respectfully ignore the symptoms but get on with why you’ve still got them despite your high levels of activity.


“Diligently working” can conjure up 1000’s of differing things your could be doing – glut strength is not the same as glut control. Core strength is more about stiffness and bracing rather than sharing appropriate load. You certainly don’t want to be stretching anything apart from your stiff thoracic spine, because without sounding like a scratched record that’s exactly what you’ve got!


So you’ve haven’t got a strength issue, but you have got an issue with how you use and control that strength. Poor control leads to poor movement patterns and unless you correct the movement pattern and are given the ability to move better, your symptoms (the things we ignore!) continue.


What part of the country are you in – I’ll try to point you in the right direction for another opinion.


Definitely have a look at these videos and our Pilates page

The Guru

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