Beware capoeira!!

Jan 11th, 2014

Ida asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:

Hi Guru,
I have started training capoeira since February and I have experienced different problems. I had knees injuries that I cured through a good strecthing but now I have probably twisted my ankle and need to see someone asap even if I can walk and train but I have a little problem behind m Achilles Heel .

I have a question though…I train hard (with capoeira you always bend on your knees!) and after an hour of class (normally is 1and a half hour) the muscles of the anterior hip and thigh and also the posterior compartment of it are hurting a lot and sometimes I have the feeling of falling down.. I see other people struggling of course because it's a tough training but most of the times the following day my legs hurt..I mean I know when you start training after you have had a break, your muscles produce lactic acid, and that is the feeling but with me it looks like I have this all the time…though I don't give up 🙂 I train 3 times max per week and sometimes I do yoga extra.
Thanks and I will see you soon!
My teacher has told me about you guys!

Jan 11th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Ida

All sounds very logical especially the lactic acid build up. I've seen 
quite a bit of capoeira and know just how extreme it is.

What sounds curious to me is that you've had different injuries, but 
I'm not sure the cause has been identified. Stretching may well make 
you feel better, but it very rarely gets rid of the cause of the 
problem, so your Achilles injury [one of many common sports injuries] maybe the same thing, but just 
presenting differently.

I also wonder therefore, if you are doing your capoeira in the correct 
form. Yes, bent knees are important BUT if you are also rounding your 
shoulders and sticking your bum out you may not be loading your joints 
and muscle optimally. This may lead to more lactic acid (due to poor 
usage/overusage) of your major muscle groups.

Try working hard on form and see what gives.

Keep rocking the capoeira!

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