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Clicking in the knee

Jul 28th, 2017

I’ve got a pain above my kneecap where my knee seems to click and theres a sharp pain as I transfer my weight through the joint while walking as the leg is planted.   I think its my quadripceps tendon.

Question is, can I play cricket with this for one game tomorrow evening.  Will be expected to bowl 3overs (also running involved while batting and fielding), is it likely its just pain that I can play through or can I damage it more?

I go on holiday on Friday where I could then rest it for a couple of weeks.

Thanks very much.

Jul 28th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Alan

Depends on a few pieces of critical information without actually seeing your knee.

First up if it’s swollen, feels like it gives way or is going to lock, then give it a rest.

Secondly if you pain is only intermittent and not more than a 5 or 6 out of ten but rest at 2 or 3 and can take ibuprofen, then go for it. I’m sure you may feel some pain but I’m not sure it’ll harm.

Also try a knee brace or compression sleeve, do a gentle warm up before and get some ice on afterwards. Try a few run ups to bowl – feels OKish, then crack on.

Thirdly if this is a game that’s a once a year type thing with some pals – you can always start and then retire gracefully!!

Be sensible and I’m sure be OK (I’m assuming your not in your 70’s, with previous history and not taking massive oral steroids!!)

…the thwack of leather on willow is calling

Enjoy your hols

The Guru

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