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Inside knee pain

Jan 28th, 2019

Hi, I have had pain on the inside of my left knee for over 2 months now, I think it may be down to a torn MCL can you help, and how long is the recovery.


The Guru requests more info…

Yes – sure we can help.


Whether it’s your MCL or not is another question, despite where you feel it.


How did you do it, or was it a gradual onset?


What’s twisting and turning like?


What about going up or down stairs?


Is there a particular tender spot.


Let me know – nailing your diagnosis will all me to give you the best rehab strategy going forwards.


So Lee replies:

It came on during a run, but instead of stopping I carried on and finished my run.


The pain is on the inside of the left kneecap.


If I sit down for a while, then when I go to stand up it hurts then. I then have to stretch my leg out in front of to stretch the whole leg and hamstring out before I can walk.


I am fine walking and light jogs but I try not to push it.


I also feel a slight pull on the hamstring.


When I stretch I bend my leg behind me toward my butt I feel a different kind of pain, more like a pinch, specially if I lie on my back and bring my leg in towards my chest.


Twisting and turning is not too bad.


I look forward to hearing from you again and hope you can fix me.


Best regards


Jan 28th, 2019

The Guru Responded:

Hi Lee


Just as well I checked!


I don’t there is an issue with your MCL, but instead I think you’ve got an issue with the way your kneecap tracks across the front your your femur….it’s super common in runners and description is on the money.


You need to get your glutes working better, and if you want to help escape the pain – then tape your knee too.


You may have to temporarily change your running style – smaller steps, don’t over stride, make less noise and stand tall


Have a look here and start straight away – tape should make an immediate difference, the rehab will take at least 3 weeks…



The Guru

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