James has clicking and grinding in his glutes

May 15th, 2017

Hi there,

Every time I extend my leg out straight straight I get this horrible clicking feeling in my glutes mediums and a really painful grinding sound near my glutes maximus. And every time I click my leg it feels like it’s going to move out of its joint.

The Guru requested more info…

Thanks – and if you poke around in your gluts is it YOUR pain (rather than just being painful because you’re poking it)?
What happens if your squat or do a lunge?
You don’t have any back pain or leg pain and your not 16 or 66 but somewhere between 😉

So James replied:

It’s fine when I squat it’s just when I extend the leg it clicks and grinds.

I am getting treated for iliotibial band injury

May 15th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Sounds about rightish – commonly with insertional ITB issues is the inability to lie on that side at night due to pain.

That aside, the diagnosis, without confirmatory imaging is just someone’s interpretation of your signs and symptoms – so beware of chasing the diagnosis and not dealing with why you’ve got ITB issues.

You can also look at it the other way around and even with MRI/US confirming an issue with your ITB doesn’t mean it’s necessarily painful or the cause of your symptoms as no one is really sure what’s ” normal” – so both are needed to nail the diagnosis and then more importantly what you need to do next.

Instead think of this as a lateral hip syndrome thingy which is probably due to poor pelvic control and poor gluteal function. The graunching noise is probably soft tissue popping over the bone – you need to allow this to rest, recover and repair by managing the load and getter better control over your lower limb complex.

Certainly no stretching, no poking and no “just getting stronger”.
You need time scales explained, when you should start feeling what by when and some decent control based rehab.

The Guru

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