Knee Injury…PFPS?

Feb 01st, 2014

Hi there,

I’ve been going to the gym for the past 4/5 months and I recently noticed a pulling sensation behind the kneecap in my right knee when doing the leg press. I’ve had the same type of sensation in my left knee, but not as bad. I’ve stopped going to the gym for the past week or so, but now I’ve noticed the sensation even when I’m sitting down. I found an article regarding patellofemoral pain syndrome, which appears to match my symptoms, but I’m not entirely sure. Is it worth going to my GP to be referred for a scan? Or should I just consult a sports physio?



Feb 01st, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Kim

I think you’re absolutely on the money – it’s classic PFPS.

It happens due to either your knee cap tracking poorly or because there is a tiny amount of swelling on the back surface of your kneecap, or commonly a bit of both.

I don’t think you need a scan and I don’t think a trip to the doc is in order.

Try taking some anti inflams (if you can take them) for the next 3-5 days, roll on your ITBs with a foam roller via Dr google and avoid squatting (unless sitting the loo ;).

If there is no joy by this time next week a good sports Physio [specialist of physio in sport] should easily be able to sort you our pronto

No gym for the next week unless it’s in the pool and not breast stroke…..

The Guru

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