Knee Pain after Rugby

Mar 01st, 2022

A few weeks ago during a sport lesson in rugby and i was running to take someone out so i dived at their legs and my left knee slammed against their shoe(which was like those hard football shoes) and it hurt, alot.

I limped home after school and thought nothing of it because the pain went away after a few days,now if i put slightly harder pressure on the knee it gives me extreme pain for like 40 seconds,this still hasnt gone away and im getting slightly worried about a possible dislocation.

Mar 01st, 2022

The Guru Responded:

Chill – you definitely haven’t dislocated your knee or kneecap. You’d of had definitely know about it. Massive pain, swelling and pretty much no movement.

Depending on how hard you went down, and how you went down will probably dictate how much pain you feel later and how long it’ll last.

Try doing some gentle through range stretches, 20 or so easy and controlled squats and maybe a few lunges and if all’s good a day or 2 later maybe head off for a really simple run – do put some ice on later if it’s sore.

Give it a week or 10 days and all should be good – little and often always wins.

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