Knee Pain during marathon training

Jan 12th, 2014

Charlotte asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:


I’m training for the marathon at the moment. I’ve had a couple of rest days, then suddenly yesterday I started to feel a bit of pain in my left knee. I did some interval training on the treadmill this morning and now it’s really painful to walk or go up or down stairs. Sitting down and standing still it’s absolutely fine, and if I keep my left leg straight to walk it’s fine. There’s no swelling, it just hurts all around the knee, particularly at the back and side as I stretch it out. Any ideas as to what this could be?

Charlotte x

Jan 12th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Charlotte

Sounds a lot like an issue with the way your knee cap moves over the front of your knee…..or an issue with your ITB where it attaches to the outside of your knee.

The interval training was (most likely) too aggressive.

Either way try this first, then get back to me after the weekend.

Try having a blast of anti inflams (if you can) this weekend (with food) and also go to town on foam rolling your ITB.

Take it shoes are all OK?

No running….yet. Get this right and you’ll be back on track soon as. Getting it wrong options this far in are not good….

The Guru

Six Physio

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