Knee pain going down stairs

Mar 06th, 2018

Hi guru,

Im having knee pain when going down staircase.

This usually happens the day after my football session (1-2 hours). Please advise what is causing it. FYI i had acl surgery on both of my knees and have fully recovered (1 year since
last surgery)

Mar 06th, 2018

The Guru Responded:

Hi Fariz


Well, the good news is that the pain your feel isn’t from your ACL grafts – it’s from the way your knee cap tracks across the front of your thigh bone.


When you go downstairs, you can’t control the way your thigh rolls in – because your don’t have enough gluteal/hip control and stability. You need to get this….


As you’re playing footie you should really think about following the FIFA 11+ program and get back into see a decent rehab Physio – no videos from me this time, I think you need a little face to face time..


The Guru

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