Louise is suffering from a ‘Spongey’ knee which the Guru says could be Bursas related, so MRI suggested

Nov 07th, 2014

I have a pain in my right knee which started as an almost spongey feeling but
has progressed to more constant dull ache and sometimes a pain. This is
effecting the inner part of my knee near the top.

I am a very keen gym-goer. I used to run a lot but since my knee pain I
switched to weights. I struggle to squat now as the feeling gets stronger,
although the pain is not severe and doesn’t stop me going to the gym it just
feels very strange (spongey).

I have been to the doctor’s about my knee before who referred my to a physio.
I had 10 sessions where she suggested I have tight hamstrings and weak glutes
(I am very slim and my knees naturally turn inwards) since following her
recommendations I had started to see an improvement. I then went travelling
for a month so did little exercise and gave it a chance to rest which I
thought would help as any injury takes about 6 weeks to recover fully.

This was about 3 months ago now. I have since been back in the gym regularly,
doing exercises to strengthen my glutes and correct my knees. I do hardly any
cardio as I worry this will wear on my knee and I tend to avoid any squats or

I feel I have now tried physio exercises, strength building exercises and a
period of rest but I still have this strange pain.

Can you shed any light / give any advice on what I should be doing?



Nov 07th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Louise


I don’t think anything needs to “heal” but I’m not sure the cause of your knee pain has been identified, and that’s why it’s not getting better.


Spongy is a really key word – nobody ever mentions it unless they feel it. Only a few things feel spongy….fat pads at the front of your knee can feel spongy when you lock your knee back.


This fat pad is like a bursa (a fluid filled sac) and there are lots of them around your knee and they can make your knee feel spongy.


I think it may be worth getting an MRI of your knee to have a look and see what’s going on inside….


The Guru

Six Physio


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