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Apr 08th, 2014


I ran last weekend. At mile 10 I started to get a pain in the front right hand side of my knee. I is now painful to walk but I have to be as good as I can be for this weekend London marathon!

What can I do? Cortozone? Strap it up?


Apr 08th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Josh

I take it you mean your right knee ie the outside not inside.

If this is right then it’s most likely an ITB issue and best thing to do is use ice, anti inflams (if you can take them), ITB rolling (but not on the sore bits), hip flexor stretches and try to do anything to keep it painless when walking – taping and strapping may help.

…..I’d also get an appointment for either late Friday or Saturday with a Sports Med doc who can poke a needle in and around the area and squirt in some local anaesthetic and possibly steroid in. Keep this late as you may not necessarily need it.

Good luck and happy (painless!) running

The Guru
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