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My first half marathon

Jan 10th, 2014

Liz asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:

I’m a recent running convert (as of October), training for first half marathon in March. Started getting pain just around the knobbly bit underneath and outside left knee (top of fibula) A thin blue line – a bruise that looks like a vein? – has appeared over the knobbly bit, just where the pain is. No pain except when running and some yoga poses (that seem to involve weight bearing and pushing knee forward – like lunges). Subluxed left patella twice, last time 4yrs ago – but GP said it doesn’t seem to be patella this time.

Is there anything physio could do to help? Or is my half-marathon done for?

Jan 10th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

First up – the half is not toast.

The bruise is most likely totally coincidental, but the patella dislocations may have some relevance.

Patella dislocations happen either due to pure unluckyness or poor mechanics/tissues. They do however afterwards, unless rehabed correctly always lead to poor glut control and lacking lower limb strength. This lack of control stretches tissue on the inside of your leg/knee and “seizes” up on the outer side of your leg/knee (ITB, lateral structures, tib fib joint).

You continue on your merry way, until this. I think you’ve got a “stuck” or at least sitting in the wrong position superior tib fib joint – your fibula head. It wants to glide and rotate when you bend your knee, but can’t.

I’m pretty sure you need to get this bit mobilised and then controlled a la glut and lower limb control…

Call a physio, mention you may have an issue with this joint and see what their reaction is…good = book in, bad = hang up!

There are a few other possibilities, but go for the simple bit first.

Let me know….. The Guru

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