Nagging Knee injury

Jan 11th, 2014

Níall asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:


I hurt my knee skiing three months ago. Ever since then I have a tight knee when fully bending my knee or when standing up after sitting down for a period of time. I went running two weeks (after resting for 2 months) and when going up hill my knee felt very weak to the point where I had to stop and walk the rest of the race.

Any ideas?

Jan 11th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Niall
……all depends on what you did to your knee. Did it swell, lock or give way? Is it still swollen now? Is it painful or just tight and feels weak?
As a yardstick, I’d think if you injured your knee 12 weeks ago and it’s still problematic (the tighness may indicate swelling the joint) and had to pull out of a race, it’s time to get your knee looked at.
It may be meniscal (cartilage) it may not be, but I think you need to see someone who can give you a good concise diagnosis. This may or may not involve an MRI depending on what the clinical features are, and what may need to be done.
Good Luck

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