Niggling & tingling in knee

Oct 07th, 2020

Hi, I’ve had a niggle in my left knee since June, I had been doing lots of treadmill running in lockdown, so backed off my running. I’d also been doing the Sean T Insanity workouts and stopped those too.

Now I have discomfort in both knees, it feels like a tingling/stinging and its mainly on the inside of my knee running up my inner thigh. I’ve had 2 sports massages with my usual chap who said he didn’t feel I’d done any damage to my knees and to stretch my hamstrings. I have done that as well as cutting back my running even more and this week I’m not going to do any. However I still am in discomfort, even sitting down irritates it and driving is worse.

Its gone on for so long that I’m really worried what it is and feel a second opinion is needed. I have plans next year for 50 milers and can’t see how it will be possible now.

Is this something you can help me with? I live in Warwickshire, but happy to travel if I can have some answers and a plan of how to get running again.

Oct 07th, 2020

The Guru Responded:

Hi Natasha

Frustrating stuff considering you should still be focusing on the 50’s.

I’d first of all suspect the lowest hanging fruit and that you’ve got an issue with way you (over)load your knee – giving symptoms from your kneecap (the sitting down driving as real clues) or something slightly more unusual and that an irritated saphenous nerve. I’ve seen lots of knee’s but only a relative few mention things like tingling/stinging which has real neural connotations.

I think I’d still side with the loading issue and to help with that (apart from change your running style, pattern, distance etc) you should improve your gluteal drive, by trying this

or this

Or jump on the train and come and see us – we can definitely help.

The Guru

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