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pain around the bottom outer edge of my right kneecap

Apr 03rd, 2014

Dear Guru
I’m getting pain around the bottom outer edge of my right kneecap. It arose
the day after a 14 miler, my distance PB last April. Since then I haven’t
really been able to run more than 40 minutes at a time without getting
debilitating pain. I’ve been to see a couple of physios, and they don’t seem
clear what the underlying issue is, and all they seem to prescribe is all
over strength training/stretching (although a fat pad impingement was
mentioned). I have also had some regular ITB issues and two achilles strains
in the past four months, all in my right leg. Falling apart!
Any suggestions very gratefully received!!
Many thanks

Apr 03rd, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Tim

ITB, probably. Fat pad, rarely (and has to be because the patella is knocking into it)

OK – you need to be able to
1. Have really good length of tib post (knee to wall test, with your foot up the wall…Dr Google it)
2. Really good glut med control NOT strength – can you control a single knee dip? Do you wobble or let your opposite hip drop down?
3. Adequate mobility and control of your patella….difficult to assess!
4. Learn to love foam rolling your ITBs
5. Dare I say improve your cadence, or at least run quieter (no headphones!)
6. Run less distance, but run with greater purpose and control.
7. Good shoes?

….really sorry for the delay

The Guru
Six Physio

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