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Paul has been running pain free until he took a tumble skiing, the Guru advises not to aggravate the bruising

Feb 16th, 2015

Dear Guru.

Been running in prep for london marathon and long run up to 35k and been pain free. However took a tumble skiing on Tuesday. Knee is stiff but getting fullest movement back although whilst able to bare my weight ok and walking etc not s problem, getting some sharp pain when I do any abnormal twisting.

Trying to work out if it’s likely to be nasty or just s knock. Impact was with the ski on my lower femur on the inside right where it’s thickest and at top of my knee. Not heavily swollen or bruised and can locate specific pain on roughly the bone but not having had knee injury before finding it hard to know what to do.

Have riced and not exercises on it other than walking which is for the most part all fine albeit stiff.

What should I do? Paul


Feb 16th, 2015

The Guru Responded:

Hi Paul


This sounds traumatic rather than insidious, which considering the distance you’ve run (and need to) it’s pretty good news.


Bone bruises really easily and it bleeds when it has been bashed by a ski. I think this is what’s happened to you.


It will be painful, as are all bruises if poked, so try to avoid “testing” it.


Give yourself 10 days or so then start to load it up – bike, row, cross train then run. It will be (diminishingly) painful and will likely remain so for a good few weeks yet as the bruise heals.


This whilst being uncomfortable shouldn’t put you off your running stride or pace. It you start getting more kneecap type pain or it starts to sharpen then let me know.


Good luck


The Guru

Six Physio


Paul appreciated the Guru’s response:

Thanks Guru


You’re a high comfort and much appreciate the advice!!





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